It began over breakfast, around noon…

A working SF comic told me that I could do stand-up: I believed him. Six years later, after moving to SF, I finally stepped on stage to try. I found my path. I’ve always been animated, opinionated, loved words, delighted in playfulness, and liked to make people think & laugh. I didn’t know it was remarkable. I didn’t know it could be a life. I’m living it.

My journey in comedy has taken me through stand-up, improv, sketch, characters, and solo shows. I’m a poly-hyphenate performer and I resist limiting myself to one expression, instead favoring a skill and craft-building journey. I’m here for joy and challenge. I’m a lived experience. Currently, you can share this experience during my solo show, Sexodus, in New York and beyond. Come discover for yourself!

Who am I?

Mary-Alice: performer and writer - she’s funny.

Mary-Alice: truly-funny-empowerment-silly-business with frequent high-kicks. Does that help?

Oh, you’re here about the name? Please call me both “Mary” and “Alice,” that’s what the hyphen indicates.